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RRMS has vast experience in examining underlying operational systems, loan files and servicing practices utilizing a variety of investigative techniques. 

Discovery work performed by RRMS has uncovered a variety of findings which, once documented, provide clear and incontestable evidence to substantiate or dispel loan put-backs and other asset recoveries, and defend against adversaries seeking such recoveries.

RRMS has an established and proven ability to identify and document activities to substantiate or dispel loan put-back claims and other avenues of recourse for a variety of clients and issues.  These include:

  • Fraud;
  • Compliance (Public & Private);
  • Internal operational systems analysis;
  • Functional Reviews; and
  • Adherence to contractual obligations.



RRMS has past experience working with clients to develop strategies and perform due diligence necessary to purchase whole loan and bulk mortgages.  Sound sampling protocols are established which provide clients with ‘necessary comfort levels’ to acquire assets.

Supporting rationale is made available to clients to substantiate “kick-outs” and signify significant trends and process flaws endemic to existing origination and underwriting processes.  Process enhancements are identified and recommended, as appropriate.

Clients are assured that asset purchases are in-line with stated goals and objectives to maximize portfolio performance and minimize losses.

RRMS can develop and execute due diligence strategies which effectively lead to sound asset purchases for a variety of institutions.


Information & Data Retrieval Processes

  • Assessment of data availability (through current client processes);

    • If access is limited or incomplete, then alternative sources of information may be actively pursued; and
    • Some sources of information may include the use of third party databases.


  • Compilation of information (from all sources) in a form capable of statistical comparison;


  • Extrapolation and benchmarking of information to perform comparative analysis in determining compliance with underlying regulatory guidelines and contractual obligations; and


  • Generation of reports, conclusions, and numerical summary calculations based on discovery methodologies; as necessary, expert witness reports will be prepared that can be easily understood by the general public.

RRMS Advisors is a specialty boutique firm that partners with clients to provide strategic advisory and asset recovery services related to investments in residential and commercial mortgage-backed instruments. RRMS Advisors is a GSA approved minority owned business contractor.