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RRMS partners closely with clients to perform a variety of risk management services, including the following:


Risk Assessment

  • Ability to work with clients to understand and diminish risk, create risk hierarchies to facilitate reporting and establish heat maps that tightly tie into an enterprise-wide risk assessment;
  • Focus on identifying compliance with key corporate policies and external regulations;
  • Proven success in developing  operational risk management frameworks, with key performance indicators and test plans designed to monitor and improve performance;
  • Proven success in working with clients to develop key methodologies and logic associated with assessing critical business risks; and
  • Significant experience in designing control processes and self-testing procedures based on risk ratings and associated exposures.


Compliance Monitoring

  • Track and  record compliance with internal policies, external laws and regulations;
  • Assure all internal policies are updated and reflect recent changes to industry standards and external laws and regulations;
  • Establish key metrics, trigger points and protocols for investigations into system aberrations;
  • Provide advisory services to senior management relating to identification and implementation of compliance best practices; and
  • Implement comprehensive business self-testing programs designed to identify issues and when necessary  facilitate corrective actions to ensure ongoing adherence to audit and regulatory requirements.


Audit Advisory

  • Establish programs and processes to review and validate vendor performance of outsourcing providers;
  • Collaborate with senior management to design effective tracking, monitoring and remediation strategies / approaches to address audit findings; and
  • Develop written policies and procedures, along with the design of training materials, to address audit issues.


RRMS has experience implementing risk management actions necessary to strengthen internal controls, reduce workflow redundancies, minimize process hand-offs, and maximize process through-put.  The RRMS team prioritizes strong risk management and compliance processes, and will partner with clients to implement sound internal controls that will reduce exposures, eliminate fines and curtail business interuption.

RRMS can be contacted for an assessment of how a partnership can be forged to help strengthen internal controls in order to reduce fiscal and overall business risks.

RRMS Advisors is a specialty boutique firm that partners with clients to provide strategic advisory and asset recovery services related to investments in residential and commercial mortgage-backed instruments. RRMS Advisors is a GSA approved minority owned business contractor.