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Management Team

rrms mgmt teamRRMS consists of a uniquely qualified team of professionals with broad mortgage finance skills in all facets of recourse assessment and resolution, including, but not limited to: Forensic analysis, compliance  monitoring, credit policy, loan origination, securitization, MBS ratings, structuring, trading, analytics, servicing surveillance, default management, risk assessment, audit advisory, conduit operations, REO asset management, legal compliance and loan re-purchases.

RRMS Advisors consists of a team of seasoned professionals having diverse mortgage finance, risk management, and internal control experience allowing it to work collaboratively with all parties in a persistent, aggressive and dedicated manner.

RRMS also employs a variety of MBS tactical specialists, loan servicing specialists, CPA’s and attorneys.

RRMS can provide assistance by forging the partnerships necessary to address today’s ever-changing marketplace challenges, meet client goals and exceed expectations.

RRMS Advisors is a specialty boutique firm that partners with clients to provide strategic advisory and asset recovery services related to investments in residential and commercial mortgage-backed instruments. RRMS Advisors is a GSA approved minority owned business contractor.