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RRMS Advisors is a specialty boutique firm that partners with clients to provide strategic advisory and asset recovery services related to investments in residential and commercial mortgage-backed instruments. As a strategic advisor, RRMS collaborates with clients to stratify available data related to their mortgage holdings. By reviewing impairment levels (i.e., CDRs, product mix, CLTVs, repurchase activity to date, counterparties, etc.), RRMS facilitates the development of strategies that meet and exceed client objectives.


RRMS Advisors is well versed and experienced in working with clients to address the wide array of internal control, compliance and regulatory requirements and concerns impacting the financial services industry today. Whether it is assessing risks, establishing compliance monitoring protocols or providing advisory services relating to the implementation of recommendations raised by internal audit or external regulators, RRMS provides clients with a value-added set of solutions and related execution techniques to strengthen and protect the organization.


Regardless of the task at hand, RRMS’ team of seasoned industry experts will partner with its clients to promote an expedient path to goal attainment.


Past-Prior experience and industry knowledge allows RRMS to harness numerous industry best practices, in combination with a wide array of innovative and targeted approaches, to streamline processes, maximize cash flows, minimize losses and enhance asset performance. RRMS collaborates with clients to identify/implement process improvements and develop written strategic operational plans and metrics necessary for business growth. The primary areas of RRMS’ focus include Mortgage Expert Witness and Discovery work, Mortgage Finance (including residential mortgage loan servicer surveillance and default management), On-Site Audits of Loan Servicers, Mortgage Forensics / Due Diligence (including underwriting and re-underwriting), Risk Management & Internal Control and Staffing Augmentation / Staffing Placement Services.


Since being formed over a decade ago, RRMS has expanded its focus into additional lending areas, including:


  • Taxi Medallion Loans

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Student Loans


No matter how big or small the job, RRMS Advisors works collaboratively with clients to satisfy a variety of needs beyond its core competencies.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any specific needs you may have in the residential and commercial area that are not listed above.

Need more details? Contact us.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email. You can also check us out on LinkedIn.

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