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Loss Mitigation & Recourse Recovery Services

A critical core competency of RRMS is the performance of diagnostic analysis on servicer operations in order to maximize asset performance and reduce loss severities relating to:

• Residential Mortgage Servicing Practices and Compliance;

• Commercial Mortgage Servicing Practices and Compliance;

• Consumer & Home Equity loan Servicing Practices and Compliance.

Loss Mitigation

• Servicing Surveillance, default management, and Portfolio Loss Mitigation Strategies;

• Creation and execution of audit plans;

• Performance of workflow and process analysis:

- Mapping foreclosure timelines

- Bankruptcy and REO procedures, legal document compliance and associated timelines

- Related GAP analyses

• Utilization of proprietary processes to develop indefensible fact based opinions to support loss mitigation strategies

• Assessment and mitigation of recourse exposure, and establishing the infrastructure necessary to assess related exposures

• Designing iterative approaches to settling recourse exposures that encompass use of specific strategies which will be phased and transitioned as necessary (these approaches are not mutually exclusive)

• Developing strategies based upon client objectives to mitigate potential civil and criminal liabilities

• Performing detailed forensic reviews, as necessary

• Providing concise breach summaries to substantiate or dispel:

- The validity of loan put-back claims

- Related damage claim assessments

- Insurance claims

- Other fiscal claims or disputes


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Practice Areas

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